Our Products

  •  Animal Feed

    Continuous international population growth and increasing wealth lead to a growing demand for meat products.

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  •  Pet Food

    Responsible pet owners are placing more value on a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet for their pets.

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  •  Aquaculture

    Aquaculture can counteract over-fishing in the world’s oceans and satisfy the growing demand for fish and shellfish.

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  •  Fertilizers

    Using raw materials to produce natural fertilizers enables efficient and environmentally friendly fertilization.

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Core Services – at a Glance

  • Consulting


    Knowing the market, we are able to advise our partners on fulfillment requirements to achieve increased efficiency and sustainable advantages over their competition.

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  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    We give our partners confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled with our careful attention to every detail of the process from order placement to delivery.

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  • Logistics


    As a link between the customer and the supplier, we take responsibility to fulfill the logistical requirements with swift collection, on-time delivery and professional handling.

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Meet Our Team

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    Verena Kern

    — CEO, CFO & Co-Founder

    Verena Kern began her career in the animal feed industry in 2004 while helping Sascha launch Mediterana. At Mediterana, Verena served as CFO and oversaw all purchasing and logistics for the company. Verena later opened K-Pro GmbH with Sascha where she is now a Managing Director who oversees over 50 employees and agents worldwide.

    As CEO and CFO, Verena’s vast experience in purchasing, sales, logistics, operations and human resources allows K-Pro U.S. access to unmatched market knowledge, experience and a customer base gained over the past 15 years. As head of US purchases, Verena strategically partners with suppliers to create mutually beneficial, long-term relationships for K-Pro’s customers.

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    Sascha Kern

    — COO & Co-Founder

    Sascha Kern has worked in the full circle of the meat industry from raising and feeding livestock to blending rendered material for a high quality feed.  Over 20 years ago, Sascha started in operations, marketing and sales of poultry. He then managed slaughtering and processing of pigs and cattle, and eventually shifted back to operations, sales and marketing of ruminant products.

    Sascha opened his first trading company in 2004, trading animal byproducts.   In 2008, Verena and Sascha opened K-Pro GmbH which specializes in the sale of animal proteins and fats.  K-Pro GmbH is now the leader for trading animal proteins and fats in Europe.  Sascha’s background uniquely positions K-Pro U.S. to provide a competitive advantage to its customers.

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    Erin Rochman

    — Managing Director & Co-Founder

    Erin graduated from Saint Louis University in 2007, with a B.A. in English.  Afterwards, she moved to Munich, Germany where she assisted Sascha and Verena Kern as they opened K-Pro GmbH.  In 2008, Erin returned to Saint Louis University to attend law school and earned her J.D. with a concentration in taxation. Erin joined the St. Louis based law firm, Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard, in 2011 as a business transaction attorney.

    In December of 2014, Erin left Sandberg Phoenix to open K-Pro U.S. with Sascha and Verena in Illinois.  As a Managing Director and Co-Founder, Erin manages K-Pro U.S.’s supplier/partner relations, oversees its office and employees, serves as a direct link to K-Pro GmbH and negotiates new and pre-existing contracts.