Our Services


  • Consulting

  • Our customers and suppliers are represented in raw material sectors around the world. The use of raw materials is regulated by strict and detailed laws. Knowing the market, we are able to navigate these regulations and laws, fulfill our partners’ requirements, expand their skills and help them achieve sustainable advantages over the competition.

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance of raw materials is a central part of the rendering process. K-Pro understands that using reliable sources is critical to the management of raw material quality. The higher the quality requirements on the final product for K-Pro’s customers, the more important the quality assurance of raw materials.

    All raw materials need to be checked to conform to specifications. In many cases the user relies solely on these specifications when purchasing the final products. K-Pro’s quality assurance process analyzes the following:

    1. Origin of raw material
    2. Characterization of the raw material
    3. Suitability of the raw material for the customers’ needs
    4. Partner plant audits
    5. Blend verifications (when applicable)
    6. Final product conformance to customer requirements
    7. Stability of the final product for transport


  • Logistics

  • K-Pro as a joining link between the supplier and the customer – professional and on time.

    As a link between the customer and the supplier, we take responsibility to fulfill the logistical requirements with swift collection, on-time delivery and professional handling.

    We employ our own team of specialists for transportation over land and sea due to our international activities and the large volumes we process. Annual quotas enable us to process an increasing number of shipments confidently.

    We can transport goods in silo, tip, sliding floor, flatbed and tank vehicles. We use 20FT, 40FT, Reefer and HC containers to send our goods globally. We optimize transportation routes by increasing the use of intermodal solutions.

    Our professional logical handling is critical to function within global trade and highlights our commitment to service.